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Grant Sorenson Interview

Summer of 2020

Grant Sorenson is a Minneapolis-based actor, director, and writer who joined Everwood for an Artist Retreat in 2019. During his time at the farm, he wrote a new adaptation of Miss Julie. In this interview, he talks with us in the barn about his experience at Everwood and his hopes for the new work.

Reading of "Miss Julie"

Summer of 2020

A tense and unflinching negotiation plays out over the course of a Midsummer evening in the kitchen of a country manor house in Sweden. Highborn Julie and her father's servant drink, dance, and destroy each other before the magic spell of the festival evening breaks. In a gripping new adaptation of Strindberg's classic, MISS JULIE is a transgressive examination of class, gender, and systems of oppression on the brink of collapse. MISS JULIE was developed in part at Everwood's 2019 Artist Retreat.


Written and directed by Grant Sorenson, Artistic director of Arrow Theater.

Meghan Kreidler as Julie

Michael Weiser as Jan

Kate Beahen as Kirsten

“The House At  Echo’s End”
Selected songs performed from the barn

Summer of 2020

While at Everwood this summer, Cat Brindisi-Darrow and David Darrow graciously agreed to perform songs from their audio play collaboration with Derek Prestly. We invited six neighbors to safely witness the event. It was so good to hear music in the barn again! We also recognized our first 2020 Aspiring Artists Fund recipient, Olivia Willett, the Choir Director at Osceola Middle School. We hope you'll enjoy feeling the breeze in the barn again as you watch.

“The House At Echo's End”
Book by: David Darrow
Music/Lyrics: Cat Brindisi-Darrow
Conceived By: Cat, David and Derek Prestly
Safely Featuring: Serena Brook & Michelle Brindisi

Pam Luer teaches a sketching workshop at Everwood

Summer of 2017

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