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Everwood Farmstead Foundation is grateful to the following individuals, corporations and foundations that have invested in our mission. We hope you will consider joining them.

If you would like to support this work with a donation, click here:




Or, send it to the address below. Thank you!


E580 Country Road X
Glenwood City, WI 54013
Everwood's tax ID #46-5472187
The following list represents contributions made in 2022.



Lauren Banach & Josh Wolszon

Mary Kosak


Jeremy Anderson & Michelle Hayward

Jeff Brockmann & Shane Swanson

Dave & Joan Bartz

Chris Everett & Bill Underwood

Nita & Tim Fitzgerald

Amy & Harry Funk

Craig Futterer & Terri Simard

David & Susan Lima

Bob & Mary Shaffer

Jean & Terry Wright



Kristofer Bowman

Jim Gearen

Miranda Hirner

Reid & Suzie Nelson

Jason & Kristin Walbourn

The Yaffe Family Charitable Fund,
in honor of Shane Swanson


Cindy & Tom Adamson

Dr. Cathy Bendel & Joe Nuñez

Carol & Kim Culp

Rob Dingmann & Ethan Reynolds

David Feroe & Linda Svitak

Liz Griesse & Randy Woolworth

Suzanne Kubach

Anne Mahle & David McCarthy

Dr. Rodney McFadden & Sarah Oquist

Michael Oscarson & Mark Pearson

Caren Seenauth




Jenni & Joe Armitage

Jeanne & Tom Auron

Margo Berg

Brad Betlach & Peter Carlson

Katie Bovee

Michael & Michelle Brindisi

Jim Cashman & Mary Germscheid

Mark & Mary Christensen

Henry Cull & Kate Valind

Cynthia Dilliard Giving Fund

Britt & Sheila Fugina

Jody & Scott Goehring

Michael & Nancy Hagerty

Karen Hayward

Doug Kline & Bill Venne

Katherine Krumwiede & Daniel Prill

Jim McCarthy & Gloria Peterson

Meg McMonigal & Kevin Ringwald

Barbara Nelson

Patty Nieman

Mo Perry & Quinton Skinner

Molly Rice & Andy Slothower

Anne & John Polta

Jill & Robert Prevost

Jim & Susan Ramlet

Amy & Michael Scalze

Skinner Family Fund

Geri & Tom Valind



Best Buy Employee Giving Program


The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation

Medtronic Foundation

Thrivent Financial Foundation

We have made every effort to prepare this donor list accurately. 

Please accept our sincere apologies for any mistakes or omissions. If you note an error, please contact us.

Everwood Farmstead Foundation is a charity recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3).


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