Everwood Farmstead Foundation’s Artist Retreat is designed for the professional artist who needs a nurturing space in a natural setting to advance a creative project.


We are no longer accepting applications for the 2022 Artist Retreat.


Everwood Farmstead is a refurbished former dairy farm located in the rolling Driftless region of Western Wisconsin.

We are approximately 70 minutes from Minneapolis, MN to the west and 60 minutes from Eau Claire, WI to the east. In 2022, the retreat is available from June 5 to October 8.



As we plan our 10th anniversary season, we have been reflecting on what we have learned about what is needed to create restorative and productive spaces for artists at Everwood. Our lens for success comes from one of our core values, radical hospitality, which always starts with two questions: What do you need? And, How can we serve you, without agenda? Inspired by what we’ve heard from you over the years, we are excited to announce:


In 2022, we are expanding the Artist Retreat to serve more people.


We have moved the Artist Retreat from the single-person cottage into the larger Farm House. The cottage will be utilized for a Foundation hospitality support role.



  • Two beautifully appointed bedrooms, each with a queen bed

  • Two private working spaces with doors and desks

  • Half bath on main level and full bath on second level.

  • Fully equipped kitchen and community table

  • Library/reading room

  • Living room

  • Outdoor deck with grill


The 100-year old, 2,800 square foot barn is also available as a workspace. A restored vintage Kimball grand piano lives there all summer. Artists on Retreat will need to coordinate how and when the barn is utilized for mutual benefit.


The 57-acre property has many trails to access the prairie, pastures, woods, beehives, and pet cemetery. The land is easy to wander and offers peace, quiet, and beauty to inspire your work.


Depending on your needs, you may apply as an individual or a collaborating duo. If you are applying for a single room, Everwood may pair you with another artist based on the information you submit in your application.


For pictures of the retreat space and the property, check out the page Retreat Spaces. To see images from artists who have been on retreat, check out the page Artist Experiences.



“My last walk up to the oak, I kicked up a pheasant and snuck up on a large buck! A fitting goodbye.”

– Kendra Bulgrin [Painter]


“Everwood is a pause, a listening, a re-evaluation, a confirmation, a moving forward. You come here to find what you already knew."

– Jess Arnold [Musician]


“Apples fall when they are ready. Apparently, I've never seen or heard an apple fall from a tree. It's louder than you might think. It's a “thud” that has made me turn around more than once here. Something about that natural action is profound. At a time of an unprecedented pandemic, civil unrest and systemic change, life goes on and this apple reminded me of that. Fall when you are ready, don't wait for a more perfect time because this is the right time.”

– Megan Mayer [Choreographer]


“In the most unsteady time of my life, you gave me the place to reorient my entire self. This new play now has Everwood's fingerprints all over it - how lovely!”

– James Kennedy [Theater Artist]


“The wind moves
the living prairie
and I am reminded
my soul has a sail.”

– Jeremiah Gamble [Playwright & Composer]


“exist as you are as art as energy as animal
free from bindings 
nothing as it is supposed to be
predetermined by human decision.

who gives a f*** because
at the end of it all
we are all part of winding webs
free FREE but/and
part of all of it.
be exactly where you are. this THIS
is where what you are supposed to be”

– Raki Kopernik & Miriam McNamara [Writers/Poets]


“Tears are medicine. Every day I was crying about something or someone. Rub those tears into your pores so you can look young.”

– Saymoukda Vongsay [Writer]


“This place is a well—sourced by a deep spring of connectedness, aliveness and beauty. You can simply be here. Create here. Find flow here. As an artist, this is what you need and long for.” 

– Kate Sutton-Johnson [Set/Exhibit Designer]


“Looking out over the landscape at the earth, the sky and the birds was a constant sign that all will be well, that this moment is not one of fear but one of hope.”

– Peter Rothstein [Director]


“This year is uniquely challenging for everyone—the gift you’ve given me as an artist to just be during this week is a complete perspective shift. I found ideas in the barn each day as I worked on my music. It was like all of the “busyness” fell away and inspiration decided to tap me on the shoulder.”

– Chris Thomson [Composer/Musician]


Sonnet #1

I think you four know this but just in case

(And lest, like me, you suffer perennial doubts)

You’ve fashioned here the most amazing space

Where folks like me can shelter from the shouts

And tweets and dings, and listen deep instead

To softer, subtler, workings of the mind

Or heart, or soul, or body; to be led

By what’s inside and leave all else behind.

This is a gift unheard of in this age

When everything has metrics: likes per post,

Per se; Dollars per annum; words per page;

These take us from what truly matters most.

To let what’s inside out; and to apply

The lessons of the trees, a barn, the sky.

– Andy White [Actor/Director/Writer]


“What a treat to be hosted at a place of such comfort, beauty and tranquility! I found my time here to be particularly lucid and clarifying.”

– Ben Olsen [Architect/Set Designer]


“Gratitude and amazement—these are the things I hold on this final eve at Everwood. Your hospitality and generosity is a sight to behold and a privilege to receive. I have learned from this place and am healed.”

– Siri Undlin [Singer/Composer]


Applicants must exhibit professional standing in their field; both mature and emerging artists-of-promise are welcome to apply. While there is no requirement to demonstrate progress after your Retreat, we are open and excited to talk with you about how Everwood might provide a first stage/test audience for your work. We have lots of examples of how this has manifested for others.


Final awards of the residencies are at the discretion of Everwood Farmstead Foundation. Residency awards are made by a panel of Everwood board members and professional peers. In some instances, artists may be invited directly to participate.

For questions, email info@everwoodfarmstead.com.


The safety and well-being of everyone living and visiting Everwood is our top priority. With that in mind, we wanted to share protocols we have put in place to help keep everyone safe.


Since artists may be living and working together in an intimate space, participants will be required to observe mandatory health and safety guidelines in place at that time. To be able to enjoy and participate in the full experience, we require that all accepted artists show proof of full vaccination from COVID-19, as well as a negative COVID test taken within 48 hours of arrival.

Protocols are subject to change. 


  • There is no charge to the artists for use of the retreat.

  • There is no requirement from the artists after the retreat to demonstrate progress or contribute to the Foundation.

  • We are not able to accommodate spouses, children and pets.

  • All work tools should be provided by the artists.

  • Artists are responsible for their food and all travel expenses.

  • Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 8 am daily.

  • No smoking in any structure.

  • Since the Artist Retreat is based on a rotating jury process, being chosen as a resident one year does not automatically guarantee selection in another year.


While there is no charge for the Artist Retreat, we appreciate that the time, distance and isolation create an insurmountable burden for some (e.g. childcare, income needs).


Everwood has a limited number of $500.00/week stipends available for artists that, but for such a stipend, would not be able to participate in the Artist Retreat. Is such a stipend necessary for you to be able to participate? If so, please briefly describe why in your application.