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Everwood Farmstead Foundation’s Artist Retreat is designed for the professional artist who needs a nurturing space in a natural setting to advance a creative project.


Everwood Farmstead is a refurbished former dairy farm located in the rolling Driftless region of Western Wisconsin.

We are approximately 70 minutes from Minneapolis, MN to the west and 60 minutes from Eau Claire, WI to the east. 

At Everwood, we create beautiful, restorative, and productive spaces for artists. Our lens for success comes from one of our core values, radical hospitality, which always starts with two questions: What do you need? And, How can we serve you, without agenda? In 2023, we hosted 30 artists from across the country.


We hope you will apply to bring your project to this beautiful, nature-filled environment and let the farmstead do its magic.


  • Two beautifully appointed bedrooms, each with a queen bed

  • Meditation/Yoga room with a twin bed

  • Two private working spaces with doors and desks

  • Half bath on main level and full bath on second level.

  • Fully equipped kitchen and community table

  • Library/reading room

  • Living room

  • Outdoor deck with grill


The 100-year old, 2,800 square foot barn, with a restored vintage Kimball grand piano, is also available as a workspace. Artists on Retreat will need to coordinate how and when the barn is utilized for mutual benefit.
The 57-acre property has many trails to access the prairie, pastures, woods, and beehives. The land is easy to wander and offers peace, quiet, and beauty to inspire your work. Depending on your needs, you may apply as an individual or a collaborating duo. 


For pictures of the retreat space and the property, check out the page Retreat Spaces. To see images from artists who have been on retreat, check out the page Artist Experiences.



  • Depending on your needs, you may apply as an individual or a collaborating duo. 

  • Application deadline is January 15, 2024, 11:59 PM CST

  • Committee decisions will be made by March 10, 2024

  • 1 and 2 week residencies available June 2 – October 5, 2024

  • Check in 3:00 PM Sundays / Check out Noon Saturdays

  • Send questions to



Final awards of the residencies are at the discretion of Everwood Farmstead Foundation. Residency awards are made by a panel of Everwood board members and professional peers. In some instances, artists may be invited directly to participate.

  • There is no charge to the artists for use of the retreat.

  • There is no requirement from the artists after the retreat to demonstrate progress or contribute to the Foundation.

  • We are not able to accommodate spouses, children, or pets.

  • All work tools should be provided by the artists.

  • Artists are responsible for their food and all travel expenses.

  • Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 8 am daily.

  • No smoking in any structure.

  • Since the Artist Retreat is based on a rotating jury process, being chosen as a resident one year does not automatically guarantee selection in another year.



While there is no charge for the Artist Retreat, we appreciate that time and distance create an insurmountable burden for some (e.g. childcare, missed work). Everwood has a limited number of $500.00/week stipends available for artists that, but for such a stipend, would not be able to participate in the Artist Retreat.


“I think the thing I’m struck by most in this experience is the power of generosity. I think great art is generous. When we give more than we take. When we share in the joy of our creation.” 

- Kerry Alexander


“I focused on not just what can i create but what can I open myself up to and connect to in order to create.”

- Sarah Krueger


“This place, with no schedule or demands, with quiet, surrounded by books, meant this writer felt at home.”

- Julie Landsman


“There is a web of wonder in this world and this place is part of that web.”

- Kim Gordon


“I will take Everwood back with me, knowing it continues to endure, change, and inspire.”

- Sam Kalda


“Thank you for the gift of time, sound and space - music’s primary ingredients.”

- Matthew Ricketts

“There is an energy here that has invited me to both unplug and plug in.”

- Erica Berman


“There are certain times and certain places that make subtle ripples throughout your life. This is one of those times and places. The quiet days held here in this house and valley have been a chance for me to begin again anew. I am so grateful.” 

- Courtney Hartman

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