Everwood Farmstead Foundation's Artist Retreat is designed for the professional artist who needs a nurturing space in a natural setting to advance a creative project in solitude.

Submissions for 2020 are now closed.


Everwood Farmstead is a refurbished former dairy farm located in the rolling driftless region of Western Wisconsin.

We are approximately 70 minutes from Minneapolis, MN to the west and 60 minutes from Eau Claire, WI to the east. In 2020, the retreat is available from June 7 to October 3.


The focus of the retreat is the artist. A collaborator, partner or spouse who is necessary to advance a project can join the artist for the experience. All work tools should be provided by the artists.


While those on retreat will have little interruption, there will be opportunities to connect with others, as desired. Full time caretakers live across the property to assist with check-in and checkout, and when a need arises. The founders, Bill Underwood & Chris Everett will be on site nearly every weekend in a separate house and, like the caretakers, are delighted to engage as much or as little as the artist would like. The Foundation hosts Artist Series events and Artist Workshops approximately two-to-three Saturdays a month. There are bound to be occasions when an event will overlap with an artist’s stay. These could potentially affect the artist’s ability to use the barn for a 24-hour period. 


Hospitality is one of the Foundation’s core values. Everwood has worked hard to create an environment that is comfortable, easy, and inspiring. The Retreat space is a two-bedroom (one queen, one twin), one bathroom apartment located in the heart of the property. The apartment is thoughtfully decorated and filled with artwork, books and music left by other artists who have visited the farm. The apartment includes an uncatered, fully equipped kitchen, living room, wifi, printer, and a washer/dryer.


The 100-year old, 2,800 square foot barn may also be available as a workspace for certain projects. A grand piano lives in the barn all summer.


The 57-acre property has many trails to access the prairie, pastures, woods, beehives, and pet cemetery. The property is easy to wander and offers peace, quiet, and the beauty of natural woods, pasture and restored prairie grassland.

For pictures of the retreat space and the property, check out the page Retreat Spaces. To see images from artists who have been on retreat, check out the page Artist Experiences.


Jess Arnold  Musician

Allyson BatisWriter

Kendra BulgrinPainter

Coco ConnollyWatercolorist

Billy Crockett  Singer/Songwriter

Jeremiah GamblePlaywright & Composer

James Kennedy  Theater Artist

Raki Kopernik  Writer/Poet

Megan Mayer  Choreographer

Miriam McNamara  Writer

Benjamin Olsen  Architect/Set Designer

Peter Rothstein  Theater Director

Kate Sutton-JohnsonSet/Exhibit Designer

Christopher Thomson  Composer/Musician

Siri UndlinSinger/Composer

Saymoukda VongsayWriter

Andy WhiteActor/Director/Writer


“Being an artist is a journey and at times a pretty harrowing one. Finding one’s own voice is a true challenge (and gift), and the journey that we are on is both individual and collective. As we continue to grow and learn and shape what we feel is coming together as our sound, having this time and space to explore these avenues of connection and creativity is central to the unfolding.”

Dusty Heart, October 2018


"I came here to design a collection, and while I got a very good foothold on that project, I got something far more valuable from this experience - the point of reference for how enjoyable and rewarding the work can be when it is balanced with relaxation, nature, love, peace, patience and gratitude. Thank you for that."

Kathryn Sterner, September 2018


"This week has been about so many things; my music, my transition into being a father of three adults, my relationship with nature, and my relationship with myself. I’m leaving Everwood with a renewed energy for making music, and a firm appreciation for the power of solitude and concentration. And the affirmation of my role as an Artist (with a capital ‘A’) and the courage to claim that title beyond the edges of this farm."

Peter Vitale, August 2018


"Tried a bit of landscape. Could there be any more shades of green? Nature, you are a show off at Everwood." Coco Connolly, August 2018


“I had to rise to the opportunity, and it inspired an outpouring of creative flow I’ve never experienced before. Writing is how I process my life, and I processed things here this week that have been stuck in my heart like burrs for years.”

Mo Perry, August 2018


“I am walking softer...treading the Earth more gently for the love and care of the goodness beneath my feet. Everwood, that was your gift to me.”

Nathan Brown, August 2018


"Don’t fool yourself. The music. The art. The vision. The words. The imagination. It is all around you and few places make this more apparent than Everwood. Don’t be shy. Explore the curious places where your body leads and your heart wanders. There are songs dwelling in every field, along each trail, with the wind, and inside every raindrop. Let the love around you carry you swiftly forth, and you return the favor, and pay it forth." Chris Koza July 2018


Applicants must exhibit professional standing in their field; both mature and emerging artists of promise are welcome to apply. Since each artist occupies the house by him/herself, only those individuals who are comfortable living and working in solitude are encouraged to apply. For artists seeking a communal residency experience, Everwood may not be the right place.


Final awards of the residencies are at the discretion of Everwood Farmstead Foundation. Residency awards are made by a panel of Everwood board members and professional peers, and are announced approximately 30 days after the application deadline. In some instances, artists may be invited directly to participate.

Other details:​

  • There is no charge to the artists for use of the retreat.

  • There is no requirement from the artists after the retreat to demonstrate progress or contribute to the Foundation.

  • Residents are responsible for their food and all travel expenses.

  • You can apply with a collaborator, however one must be the lead in the application.

  • Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 8 am daily.

  • Children and pets are not allowed.

  • No smoking in any structure.

  • Overnight guests are not allowed, with the exception of someone driving you (or otherwise accompanying you), who may stay for your first night only.

  • Previous recipients of the Artist Retreat may re-apply two years after the completion of their last retreat. Since the Artist Retreat is based on a rotating jury process, being chosen as a resident one year does not automatically guarantee selection in another year.